Dutch internetters: they're watching you!

I just posted the article Dutch internetters: they’re watching you!!!.

In the Netherlands providers have to have a black box installed. This makes it possible for the OM, police etc to monitor somebody’s activities on the net. On the moment there is just 1 black box…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1648-Dutch-internetters-theyre-watching-you.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1648-Dutch-internetters-theyre-watching-you.html)

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If you are not into criminal activities, then why are you afraid??

I’m happy to live in this free counrty. :r Why don’t we bug everything. :frowning: The Ptt will start to open the envelopes very soon now, so no bomb letters anymore and other stuff. :d Long live Freedom :r

1984 , hmm…

Almost every internetter is into criminal activities when it comes to the law… everybody downloads a mp3 now and then…

I guess they wanna trace warez downloadz to catch cd dealers. First they will search for known file types, like there are .mp3, .zip, .rar (and .r01 etc), … For this we don’t have to search far to find a solution : just rename those files to extensions they won’t search for. And yeah, there are so much people downloading illegal stuff from the internet, they won’t know where to start investigating their numereous traces …

Does this also count for cable internet and ADSL? cuz this sux :frowning:

this is the biggest bullshit i have ever heard no-one lmay monitor your internet-connectivity, not even the government, the only thing that is legal is to monitor the length of your global internet-activity it’s a little thing called privacy you know, even the government is bound by that

This won’t affect me, as Im not from the netherlands…but ssh should become an option in every server…let em trace that:D

Its happening in the UK soon too. Its called the RIP bill. They can also read your e-mail aswell as tell which sites you’ve visited and what you’ve downloaded. If you encrypt your mail and refuse to give a copy of your encryption key you can be sent to prison. You also face being sent to prison if you say you have ‘lost’ your key. I heard ADSL will not be able to be monitored. I wonder if they can somehow read your web based mail? :c

This shit is designed by the u.s. state department, :r the idea is that after it’s all over europe they can turn to there people and say ‘of it’s o.k. for them then it’s o.k. for us’ THE ANSWER IS TO HACK ALL GOVERNMENT E-MAIL SYSTEMS AND ‘PUBLIC’ ANYTHING ILLEGAL. AFTER-ALL, IF THEY ARE DOING NOTHING WRONG,THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!! :4

Forget about the little house-wife who’s downloading an mp3 on from the net. Maybe shes a criminal, but she´s a small fish. We should have bigger fears than that. It´s stuff like this, that destroys the whole concept of democracy… Scary, huh???.. :frowning:

Let them harrest pedofiles and terrorists!! The world starts to look more and more to the book 1984 big brother is watching you!!!

:r fucking cops They made me install a radar detector in my car because of all the bloody speed controlls & now they wanna monitor my internet shit too … :frowning: Before they phisically come to my house with a warrent to search the premises I’ll quickly take out all my hard disks/hide them (believe me they won’t find them), and put a boot-floppy in it. I 'll say I only use my athlon 700 mhz for playing old space invaders in dos-mode :c but wut do I do with the cd collection in the attic ? btw theyre all backupz of originally bought cdz ! I threw away the invoices. I sold the originals to someone else. so can they bust me then ? :8

yes, they can bust you then :c

That really Sucks no MP3 , Divx and Warez! :r

its 4 sure that threy can monitor adsl and cable i hate big brother on tv and big brother watching me sux even more

Really old news. The ISP’s have been hassling the goverment about this for months now (they have to pay for the hardware themselves). The authorities (police, BVD) can’t just monitor you, they’ve got to go through the same trouble as they have to do with phonetaps etc. So unless you’re into some serious crime (you pop at least one person before breakfast every day) there’s nothing much to worry about.

Gheheheheh… ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US! :stuck_out_tongue: