Dutch entertainment industry cracks down on media surcharges

I just posted the article Dutch entertainment industry cracks down on media surcharges.

  Lol, those pesky Dutch! They's  a slippery bunch! ;) Now that the filesharing scofflaws search is well  underway, the entertainment industry is going to put the brakes on blank media  that...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8147-Dutch-entertainment-industry-cracks-down-on-media-surcharges.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8147-Dutch-entertainment-industry-cracks-down-on-media-surcharges.html)

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How deep can you sink? We should have one Europe, we have one Euro, but similar legislation in different coutries, even neighbouring countries seems to be impossible. For every blank DVD+R we should have to pay € 0,50 and for every DVD-R € 1,00 tax. But in Belgium there is no tax at all, and in Germany it is much lower than here. This morning I was on a computer fair in Utrecht, and I bought 100 DVD+R discs for € 95,-. Which is definitively WITHOUT tax. This tax becomes circumvented massively by all sellers/retailers and to my opinion the reaction of the Brein Foundation and Foundation de Thuiskopie is a complete paper tiger to scare people. At the same is very easy to buy blank media in Germany and in Belgium without tax, for about the same prices as I paid this morning in Utrecht. In June there are elections for the European Parliament. I would like to make an appeal to all people in Europe to vote for parties who want to make an end to this bullshit. Jan - Wageningen - NL

“But in Belgium there is no tax at all” I thought that we have to pay the tax, starting from may 1. The Tax will be 0,7 Euro.

Which parties are that btw? (seriously)

No tax here in the UK either. I suggest you get off your arse and start wrinting letters to your goverment representatives.

I have to say that it is none of my business, (American) but other than sales tax (even food is taxed here) - there should be no tax on blank media IMHO anywhere, as it is assuming you are some sort of criminal. It is also my cynical belief that of the monies collected by governments, regardless of where they are, you can figure a significant percentage will never reach the intended group. Instead, it is eaten up by an ever growing bureaucracy. :

You can either put an anti-piracy surcharge on blank media and allow people to legally duplicate audio/video (that surcharge having been their payment) or you can ban all surcharges and keep laws about illegal copying/copyright violation on the books. You can’t do both. If you do, you are charging people who do not violate current copyright law as if they were, and punishing the innocent for the sins of the guilty. If the Dutch decide to surcharge all media, then piracy should become legal, as it has in Canada.

Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that LoneWolf15? Please don’t answer. You are right-shouldn’t be able to have it both ways! :frowning: