Dutch dealer busted *update 21:35*

I just posted the article Dutch dealer busted update 21:35.

Not so long ago we posted news about a Dutch dealer that has been busted. Today we received another mail about a Dutch dealer that seems to be busted by the BSA. Here is a message (In Dutch) from…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1427-Dutch-dealer-busted-update-2135.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1427-Dutch-dealer-busted-update-2135.html)

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dealers are stupid to give adresses tosend money to and log client into databases

look at http://www.e4m.net/ this is free software used to create a protected volume on your pc if you place your DB’s on that volume, they can’t get to it (i heard that kevin mitnick ??) used the same sort of protection :slight_smile: )

kevin mitnick uses pgp its the best protection ever …so use it and its for free…

Dudez just today I’ve received an e-mail from Speedy (i think) using the usually e-mail address that Speedy uses to message the customer. Here that’s the original mail: Speedy Crew Update! - http:// N/A --------------------------- ListBot Sponsor -------------------------- Start Your Own FREE Email List at http://www.listbot.com/links/joinlb ---------------------------------------------------------------------- folks… this is one very fucked up black day in history… we are busted by the BSA, they took EVERYTHING (CDz, PCz, printer etc…) we wont mail you anymore from speedycrew@hotmail.com so please DON’T anwser on this mail(s). we also won’t reply anymore on your mails to speedycrew@hotmail.com (we do read them!!!) I hope that we inform you enough… and damn… it is just very fucked up you know!!! Special msg to all dealers: plz be aware!!! those BSA guys are coming to you!! ff wat in het nederlands: we zijn dus gepakt door de ergste mensen van het land. iedereen moet dus echt op passen, beantwoord geen mails meer die van een van onze adressen komen!!! zelf een mail sturen kan, maar zullen wij niet beantwoorden!!! ik ben niet gemarteld ofzo, maar ja… alles is gewoon weg… een heel leeg gevoel… het einde van speedycrew dus… Speedy PS: als die klotebsa-er (bsa lijkt wel op nsb :wink: dit leest. FUCK KIM AND FUCK YOU TO!!! dat was eminem… ff geen tijd voor geintjes meer!!! GRRRRR :frowning: so the BSA or BUMA/STEMRA has my address and my name…

HEY SPEEDY! how dumb are you !? who the fuck puts a text file on his fucking harddisk with the names of his customers !? how dumb are you? whats next ? did you also collect pictures of them and wrote how many cds they bought ?.. jesus, hope that if someone gets busted, because this kid dont have a brain - will look him up and whoop his fucking ass!!! :frowning:

BREIN is the body hunting for pirates of music, film, games and warez. BSA is doing the same for business software. When you get tracked down by BREIN and you don’t stop, you will get sued. The Opsporingsdienst Buma/Stemra will be notified and they can take criminal action. That is what happened to Speedycrew yesterday and to a bunch of others recently. This is only the beginning of a new wave of anti-piracy actions by BREIN and the Opsporingsdienst Buma/Stemra. These pirates or their parents (if they’re minors) will be sued by the right owners for no small amounts of damages too. BREIN wants to make sure piracy does not pay.

BREIN wants to make sure piracy does not pay.
You’re gay, you know that? :slight_smile: