Dutch Artikel, CD-Rs unreadable



I looked through this forum for more details on the Dutch article posted 19/8/2003(I spelled in Artikel to make it easier to find) but couldn’t find anything so that’s why I’m starting this thread. When I got my first CD burner in '98 (Panasonic 7502) I purchased five different brands of CDs (Sony, Fujifile, TDK, Verbatim, and Kodak). I needed to create 12 copies of a CD for use in our lab so I used two of each brand and three of a couple of the brands. I no longer have access to those CDs but as far as I know, only one CD became unreadable (one of the TDKs) and a couple of people I know that still have one of the other CDs reported to me that they are still perfectly readable.

I had the same concern back in '98 expressed in the Dutch article and at that time, 10 years was the best guess according to what I could find at that time. I would CERTAINLY like more information about the testing done by PC-ACTIVE in order to determine what I can do to make sure my CD-Rs last longer than 2 years.


The “study” you mention is pretty flawed, and doesn’t really tell us anything we don’t already know.
Burn high quality media on a high quality drive, at a reasonable speed, and your discs will last.
Most of the media tested was crappy stuff, and was burned poorly to begin with. Although using CDR’s for archival purposes has never been a great idea, if you make 2 copies and check their C1/C2 error rates every year or so, you will be fine.