Dutch anti-piracy organisation now uses new illegal uploader tracking software



We’ve just posted the following news: Dutch anti-piracy organisation now uses new illegal uploader tracking software[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2016/01/myce-brein-logo-95x75.jpg[/newsimage]

The Dutch anti-piracy organisation ‘Brein’ has started to use new software that has been designed to expose large scale uploaders of movies, music, games and ebooks to pirate sites. Uploaders that are caught will receive a fine, according to Brein on its website.

            Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/dutch-anti-piracy-organisation-now-uses-new-illegal-uploader-tracking-software-78325/](http://www.myce.com/news/dutch-anti-piracy-organisation-now-uses-new-illegal-uploader-tracking-software-78325/)

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First of all, to the rest of the English speaking community:

This is funny y’know. I know we are not supposed to discuss politics, but we have to, at least touch it a little in this case (no parties though, only global).
It is simply what it is, let me give you an example from yesteryear with a fictional guy posting the latest Adobe program to usene t/news. He can not do it the easy way, so he choose proxy-chaining. From New York he connects to a socks5 proxy in Germany with instructions to chain it to another socks5 proxy in Russia which in turn chain to another socks5 proxy in China going further to a socks5 proxy in japan to use the satellite link over to the west coast where the server is located.

(A socks5 Proxy only reports its own IP, not the sender)

The company then gets the U.S. to check into it, and it is absolutely no problem getting the log from Japan which points to China … ouch! - O.k, let us just for the experiment assume that they manage to get the log out of China… Russia — double ouch! — The logs are only kept for 90 days… In my book, that reads Good luck!

Today, the landscape is a little different, but there are a couple of possibilities… you do not necessarily have to exit the VPN at the first stop either and then there is TOR which is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get, but the point is that it is the same for those checking.

They do not get to those who matters in this game, only those who do not think in these terms or in other words the small fish which is not what we seek when doing open sea fishing.

O.k, for the experiment, let me assume that Jane and John Doe is the target… They do not contribute on a large scale anyway and so hardly no loss to the huge uncatchable open water fish out there. sure, even Jane and John do contribute to it all by presenting the odd unavailable, but they do not matter.
From the music world, 80% of the sale is said to happen within the 3 first months for the most (apart from staples like ‘Bat Out of Hell’ and such). I am sad to inform that most of that is contributed by the uncatchable and so what are they doing???

I am sorry to bring in global politics, but it is what it is in reality all about…

You may wonder why I know as much as I do about this and the answer to that is my origin and that I do not want it happening from my network…
I am in a lucky spot though, as I only have to check for TOR clients and VPN connects - I already have access to your machine as you are in my domain and that effectively makes me your lord and master… You do not seed or post from my network no matter :cool:

P.S. I have not forgotten the Games compatibility thread for Win 10, more on that in the thread later, I just had to answer this.


Xercus, I’d say you couldn’t be more right if you tried. Between proxies, VPNs and TOR, there are plenty of ways to avoid being traced to any one point.

When it comes to web browsing, I would recommend installing something like HTTPS Everywhere, so that your VPN/proxy server/TOR exit node can’t see exactly what you’re doing (they can only see which domains you’re communicating with). Of course, HTTPS Everywhere doesn’t actually use HTTPS on [I]every[/I] website, only those known to support HTTPS while not offering it by default.

Proxies and TOR are not really a good idea when it comes to P2P applications. Some VPNs don’t support/allow P2P applications either, so choose your VPN carefully.