Dusty Disks Before Burn. Does it matter?

Hi Guys,

I have bought a few differend brands over the last few months.

Some, like the Verbatim, have been virtually dust free.
Others, like the Datasafe, have maybe 10/15 specks of dust on each disk.

Sometimes it is so bad that when I rub the dust off after a burn I CAN SEE UNBURNT DYE UNDER IT!!!

These disks ALWAYS test perfectly though (Nero verify suceesful).

How serious a problem is dust?
Should I just blow the big bits off and ignore the small bits?


Yeah, that is what I do. I usually don’t get very much dust though when I order them straight from the manufacturer. The name brand re-labels however are another story. :wink:

just get a can of compressed air…useful for other PC things as well (dust bunnies, keyboard, etc.).

I think I’ll do that (or get a photographers hand blower)

yup, the hand blower will last forever too. one thing to keep in mind with compressed air is to make sure the can is held upright and at least 6 inches away as it’s liquid based.

Hand blowers would be the better choice. When using those cans with compressed air be carefull to not use em too long. If you use em too long the discs get electrostatic and attract dust (I once blowed dust from the disc using such a can and received a phone call and when I came back there was more dust on the disc than before blowing…rofl).

Dusty Disks Before Burn. Does it matter?

I feel that is putting more dust inside your burner and getting on your lense, which is not a good thing

My datasafe disks hold the dust so well that it is still in the same place before it went spinning around at 8000 RPM. :confused:


Dust will reduce the burn quality a little as it absorbs some of the laser power; also if the dust particle is something with a fairly low meltong point, e.g. a shard of plastic it can actually get welded to the disc!!

I do not like to see dust on a disc prior to burning and will carefully blow or wipe it off; if I received discs from any particular source that were consistently dusty I would not buy them again - the discs would have been perfectly clean at the point of manufacture; excess dust shows that the distributor/packer has not taken care of them…