I have recently looked at some brand new, just out of the packaging Ritek media and have noticed surprising amounts of dust on the DVDs with my new pen torch. Before I have not noticed this dust and burns have been going well.

I thought I had a bad batch so I opened a brand new spindle pack of Datasafe CMC DVD-R media (50). To my surprise these also had dust on the writing surface.

Am I just unlucky or is dust a common thing for brand new DVD-R? P.S. we’re talking of the spindle wrap packed media in the case of Ritek

Dust can get into any packaging some of my Verbs were dusty when I opened the spindles. CHange brand by the way Ritek are bloody awful, burn great then die quickly. Oh and I was never a Ritek hater, I loved my Riteks before the quality control went down faster then the tights on a lady of the night.

You really shouldn’t buy Riteks. I’ve only used a few, and they’re at the very best average, mostly bad. What brand were the Ritek’s under? Also, I would avoid Datasafe personally as their an E-Net brand.

Yep, ditch the Riteks.

I must be fairly lucky, the majority of my spindles have been dust-free…

Same here too, my spindles so far have been dust free.

I should add I never noticed the dust before, but it stands out like hell under a pen torch / halogen lighting

Ritek are not doing too bad for my setup at the moment, I have burns months old that are still perfectly fine. The thing is I rarely burn the full 4.7gb, in the case of Gamecube games 1.5gb! Which makes me reluctant to spend more at the moment. Although I’m seriously tempted to get a tub of premiums for burns over 4gb as the CD speed graph dips like a steep rollercoaster at that point :smiley:

The gamble is your own decision but man, having entire batches going south after less than a year is just too much for me to bother with investing in.

Interestingly, I found a similar problem today with Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC003) in 100 disc cakebox.

The cakebox had a white paper marketing disk inside the cakebox on top, and several soft white spacer rings.

I’ve found white stuff on the disks, and the top disc has a white clump that would not come off without enough pressure to put faint scratches in the surface.

I’ve also found lots of dust in shrink-wrapped TY ValueLine disks.

However, Taiyo Yuden cakeboxes have no paper disk, no rings, and no dust of any sort.

Dust can get into any packaging some of my Verbs were dusty when I opened the spindles.

So we are the only two who have encountered this with Verbatim DVDs ?

With these Verbatim 8X DVD+R (MCC-003 Made in Taiwan), I find that when I try to gently brush the dust away with a CD cloth, it just attacts more dust.

More than one of the specks are stuck solidly enough to require too much force to move them (light scratching).

Any solution for this ?

Yep… ritek are terrible… sell them on ebay or take them to the beach and use them as frisbies.

Use cannned air :wink:

Yep, I use canned air on alot of my media before burning. It only costs about CAN $2/can at costco, too. :slight_smile: If I was paying the ~$7/can that is standard at most other places, I’d probably reconsider.