During the burning the led of my 451S@832S change colour



Hi guys! I am an owner of a 451S o’ced @ 832S with the codeking patched firmware :slight_smile:

I noticed a strange thing when I burn a DVD+R at 8x:

1 - The recorder starts to write the dvd at 2x

2 - then after some seconds it changes speed from 2x to 6x; during this speed changing, the led light goes from red to yellow and then back from yellow to red.

3 - again after some seconds the speed changes from 6x to 8x with the same effect on the led light.

If I remember well the led light becomes yellow when the burn-proof kicks-in, right??

So why the light becomes yellow when my recorder increases its speed?? Is it normal?




i heard that sometime color changes might be due to the fact that the buffer is full–but i cant quite remember if it was orange or yellow…i’m thinking it was orange HTH


The LED in a LiteOn drive is a bi-color LED. The two colors are red and green. When both of these LEDs are turned on it will produce a yellow/orange color. Liteon uses this combination of the LED to indicate that the drive is shifting in speed and during a buffer underrun. Depending on the media you are using, and the burn speed, you would normally see up to 3 changes to the yellow state during a burn which are the speed shifts. More than this indicates buffer underrun occuring during a burn and measures should be taken to correct this…


So this is normal, right?

The yellow light comes at speed changes and the buffer is always full, so I think it is not a buffer underrun problem…


Yes, this is normal. :iagree: