During copy, blank media not recognized until 3-4 insertions

I am a registered owner of During the copy procedure, I have to insert my blank disc 3-4 times until it is recognized by the program. Is this common, or is there something I can do to tweak the program. The copies are fine; I am just wondering if there is something I am doing incorrectly.


Have you tried a different brand of media to rule out problems with the drive?

Indeed it seems a drive or media issue, not related at all with the software. What discs are you using exactly? What drive? Did you try to update the firmware?

This happened to me in the past when I used Azul disks, since I switched to Verbatim it does’nt happen anymore

i would first try using different blank media. :slight_smile:

dvdfab uses a new blank disc detection method. if you have on the fly decrypter running the blank media will not recognize properly. also you may have drive filters interfering with the detection. do you have imgburn installed?

Sorry, I have been away. I will be trying new media in my DVD drive. I think it may be the drive itself, so I want to try using 2 drives with 2 different media. Will get back to you…
Ken K

Verbatim DVD + R discs are recommended in the DVD Fab manual