Durabrand DVD-1005



Asda (UK) sell these dvd players, avoid at all costs. Plays everything you throw at it but the majority of copies play out of sync or drifts out of sync, sister has had 3 and ended up getting a refund. Same has been said about the Durabrand vcr/dvd combo Asda sells.


I suspect it’s the copy issuing first here.


If it was the copies then i would suspect they would play out of sync no matter what dvd player they was played on?, the discs on the durabrand play either fine or with sync issues. Pop the disc in another player and zero sync issues.


Which “another player”?

It’s maybe still an “authoring” or “copying issue”, regardless of the used player device.

I’ve seen and heard this often enough.

It could be so or so, one or the other way.


Mitsui 227, Mustek 520 and a clairtone 8133. Discs what played out of sync on the Durabrand play without sync issues on those other three. Discs was authored using Tmpgenc dvd author 1.6.


All 4 are cheapos, IIRC.
Maybe the Durabrand has a firmware/hardware flaw.