Durabrand DVD-1002



Today I bought the cheapest DVDplayer yet from Walmart (US). 27$.

An guess what? I did a search for a region hack because I have disks for region 1 and 2 and found nothing. I guess the unit is rather new.
Then I said, well let’s try it, and… guess what?..

No need for region hacks it seems to be region FREE right out-of-the-box.

Nice surprise.

I replaced an ILO DVDR05 which passed out on me like on many other users in this forum. I will try next some divix disks see if I get more surprises. So far no problem with reading DVD+R DL or anything.

I wonder where will this price war stop?



I can’t believe how cheap DVD players are getting these days. Looks like a nice slimline player, however I have my doubts about playing MPEG4 content, but it will be interesting to see what you find. At least it’s region free. :wink:

In Ireland, that price works out cheaper than what we pay for some DVDs! But then again, I have seen a store selling budget portable CD players cheaper than their chart selling CDs. It also shows that when Blu-ray and HD DVD players starts becoming readily available, they will need to find a way of drastically cutting the price to even think of competing with DVD as picture quality alone is not suddenly going to make consumers fork out at least 10 times more on a player! :disagree:


Well the surprise did not go so far…:frowning:
It only plays mp3 files and mpeg2 movies.
So far no mpeg4 that I put in was recognised.

What I like about it though is that it does not have a cheap touch. It is also incredibly small and has a good software as it reads the discs really fast and does not take much time to “think”.

I guess it will stay with us for a while.



Forgot to mentionthat it has 110~240 V power input 50/60 Hz and a switchable video output pal/ntsc.


I just purchased the Walmart version “Durabrand DVD-1002” for this amazingly low $28 price and when I set it up, it would not play my Region 2 DVDs. In fact in the manual it states that it is only made for Region 1 DVDs. You’re saying it’s Region Free right out of the box?? Where and when did you get yours and are you sure it played a Region 2 DVD? Thanx.


Well I have quite a few region 2 dvds and it does play them. And yes, I am sure…
Says on it that It was manufactured in March 2006. I don’t know what to tell you…

The manual may state many things important is what it does. I had another Ilo dvd also from walmart that said nothing about MPEG 4 playback but was working on divix files. Sadly it died on me quite fast so I had to return it.


I just got one myself and its working fine… If anyone gets a hack for it Id be interested…

They probably fixed that hole once they found out about it so that they wont get sued…

$27 for a Progressive Scan DVD player with Digital Coaxial audio output is a great price… Its features surpass my Sony DVD player which Im currently using on my set only because of the digital readout on the face and the optical digital audio connection…


try this:

can anyohne confirm if this will play both PAL and NTSC?


Thanks, the hack worked flawlessly!!

It was the second one that worked…


Hi all, I just bought one of these and am having problems playing DVD-R discs in it. It plays DVD+R and DVD+R DL discs with no problems, but DVD-R discs either won’t play, will display a menu of the video_TS files but won’t allow me to activate any of the files, or pixellate and freeze if they do start playing. Any ideas as to why it’s doing this? Any solutions? TIA.


hi all,i bought a durabrand dvd2005 recently and can only play original dvds and cds.is there any software where i can play more cds.cheers…


Standalone DVD players cheaper tham most DVD burners. :eek:

I just wonder how long they will last?


Try that link above and use the hack to make it region free… Once your in the secret menu you can make all sorts of tweaks…


The 2nd hack worked just fine for me with a December 2006 purchased unit.

My unit works great for everything except viewing JPG images from a CD. It shows the file folders and the individual JPG image names but when I select a JPG image and press the PLAY button instead of viewing the images from that point forward in the directory my TV screen just goes blank for several seconds. When the TV screen resumes its file folder display for the inserted CD it has advanced to the last JPG file in the selected folder.

This is the same result with several different CD’s containing JPG images. The images work fine on my PC and on another brand of DVD player. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated before I take this unit back to purchase something else. I’d really like to discover the one I have is defective or that I’m missing some magic button press sequence.



I cant comment on the JPG functionality since I havent tried it myself… Maybe it needs it on a DVD… That sort of feature in a player is quite useless for me anyway…


I got the Durabrand 1002 DVD player for my Dad for Christmas. I found this site while searching for help. We have a DirecTV system (RCA) and I got the DVD player to work, but there’s no sound. I’ve tried everything I know to do. Can anyone here help me? Thanks.


[QUOTE=TroubleBrew;1960804]I got the Durabrand 1002 DVD player for my Dad for Christmas. I found this site while searching for help. We have a DirecTV system (RCA) and I got the DVD player to work, but there’s no sound. I’ve tried everything I know to do. Can anyone here help me? Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Okay, my first time - wow - oih i wont say it… anyway, mine just doesn’t work. so from what i’m reading and barely understanding - do I have to try several different types of movies? I’m so glad I found yall - there’s lots of things i need help with and i can’t really comprehend what roxio tells me and none of my burned dvds played on my old dvd player. All I need is a receipt from Wal-Mart - does anybody want to send me theirs? I don['t mind taking it right back to the largest junk store in the u.s.a. dont get me started on them. okay, so do a need to lear how to burn dvds then choose a dvd player? I dont know anything about the file types I’m downloading or how to convert them. can i do that on roxio? that’s what i have ad windows media - but i cant figure it out either. HELP ME PLEASE cd


somebody who knows a lawyer should file a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart and all those online shopping sites like Amazon,
BizMart, etc., who are all over these google pages wth ads for these defective DVDs that smoke, explode. Since the manufacturer can’t be found??? Then these large companies that wont refund like they always have and NOW refer you to a manufacturer that they KNOW is no longer in business. They are all trying to unload these on the consumer when they know it is dangerous. They keep selling them, then they are liable and better start giving money back and eat their losses, before they get HUge. So, does anyone know a lawyer that can file a class action on behalf of everyone who has been injured, and everyone who wants their money back because they are afraid to plug them in - OR - did anyone find a receipt to send me and I’ll take mine back. Heck, I’ll try it with a scanned copy. We’ll just make one for everyone and start standing in line. hahah doesnt walmart say something about fairness in their motto. I’ll put it on my list to write the president of walmart cd