Durability of Prodisc cd-rs (Fuji MIT)

Some cd-rs I’ve burned from a 50 pack of Taiwan Prodisc made Fuji cd-rs I purhcased somewhat recently have been scanning excellently, all with quality scores of 98+ even at 48x. Ritek made Memorex blacks (the cd-rs that are black on the top & bottom) have scanned slightly lower, averaging around 95-97. I was wondering how the durability (long lasting factor) of Prodisc cd-rs compares to that of Ritek & Taiyo Yuden. So far I’ve seen Ritek cd-rs seem to have the best reputation for long lasting durability on this forum, followed by TYs, but someone said they’ve had great results with this from Prodisc as well & the best scans I’ve gotten from cd-rs so far have been from Prodisc (haven’t used TY made cd-rs yet tho)

I don’t know who that was. I won’t EVER buy another Prodisc cd-r. They scratch very easily, flake, ect. Alot of it depends on what you are using them for though. DEFINITELY not for use in the car.

I’ve had pretty good luck with the Prodiscs I’ve ended up with (so far). I would only use them for everyday use though, not archival purposes, as I don’t know how well they’ll hold up a few more years down the line.

Not well. I have some 4-5 year old Prodisc CD-Rs and they are so easily scratched and will flake at the outer edge on the slightest provocation. They are good for temporary storage or giveaways to friends/family. Nothing more.

damn i had no clue about the make of media till i landed on this forum and i just bought FUJI CD-R 50 spindle bc of brand reputation.I had no clue about Ritek Prodisc CMC TY media…Quick Q : can you tell what media you got w/o using nero infotools? ie…looking for laser marks or different identifiers on the disc

I don’t know. I may have been lucky, but early 2005 I bought (for short-term demonstration purposes) a 100-discs spindle of cheap Prodisc, Datawrite-branded (only orange discs that I found, I needed an orange bottom). 13 discs were left, so I made music CDs for my car with them. Wasn’t expecting them to withstand the climatic changes.

To my suprise they seem to hold well, just re-scanned a couple and no sign of problems. Looks like Prodisc have improved quite a bit. :cool: