Durability of Lightscribe labels

Has anyone had a problems with their lightscribe labels?

I just bought a HP 640c and did a little experiment on my discs and was kinda surprised. I remember reading that water did not effect the label however I have found something that does. Fingernail polish remover removes dark part of the label. Its kinda cool becuase it was almost like taking an eraser to it. I didnt try to reburn it as my drive is brandnew, but I just thought this was cool and worth sharing. I wonder if the same will be true with the DVD+Rs? I dont have any yet but I have some on backorder at ecost.com. Do the DVD+Rs have an extra layer of plastic on top like normal DVDrs to protect it? I know this is stupid but if someone accidently labels one of their discs they could always “erase” the label and write on it with a marker instead. Just an Idea.

Im going to leave one in the sun to see how long it takes to erase it.

BTW: the hp640c rocks!!! shhhh(I forgot I am a Plextor fan)

Heres some info from the CDRInfo comparison Article about lightscribe that you may find usefull Remeber that the Lightscribe Imaging layer is Screenprinted on the disk.

According to Hewlett-Packard Development Company’s tests, when discs are exposed to indoor lighting, they will last up to nine months with no image degradation once the disc is labeled. If unlabeled discs are stored in a stack or paper sleeve and kept away from direct sunlight and extreme heat, they will last much longer before labeling. The image will fade under direct sunlight, but the rate will depend on the light’s intensity and exposure time. To prevent damage to both the data side and the label side, it is recommend that you keep discs away from direct sunlight. Fingerprints may affect the image on a LightScribe disc. Residual chemicals on your fingers could cause discoloration. And some hand lotions (those containing polyethylene glycol and vitamin E) have been found to discolor the coating and image on a disc.

Fingernail polish remover contains acetone which will remove EVERYTHING from the disc including the “disc” itself.