Duplicators Central - source query. Little help?

Hi folks,
Newbie here so sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I have a home built 11-1 DVD duplicator with a Duplicators Central controller.
Its been in the attic for a while so hasn’t seen much use, but I need to now run off some DVDs of different originals and have a tech query I hope someone can answer.

When I first began using this around 7 years ago, I was mostly using linux ubuntu. My master DVD burns from an ISO were without any issue, so workflow would typically go:
ISO from compute file>burn to disk> load as master into duplicator> run off X number of copies.

These days though I use Mac (OSX 10.12.6 Sierra) in my mbp.
Trouble is though, where I think used to be able to burn a master straight from file on the inbuilt 'Superdrive" all it will do now is produce a disk containing the AUDIO & VIDEO folders, but not an actual copy of the original DVD i.e. one you can play in set top boxes. (I’ve been through this six ways from Sunday but it looks like Apple in their infinite wisdom decided that we oughtn’t to be able to do that any more - copy protection malarkey or summit I’m guessing)

So. my question is this - does anyone know if theres a way to get the controller to read from something other than a master disk and create copies from that instead? Im thinking another HD but where to put it/connect it? Or maybe flash drive, but same connectivity issue persists…

Any help or suggestions very gratefully received



I don’t know anything about your duplicator hardware, but the basic description of the problem seems to ring a bell.

For a DVD video disc to play in a standalone video player, it must conform to a standard which includes the correct file system, folder names, audii/video encoding, file names, and order in which the file entries appear in the directory. If you are simply copying folders from a HDD to the duplicator, it will never work because the duplicator does not know about the required structure.

From the sound of things, you previously were feeding an ISO into the duplicator and it produced the desired result. That is the strategy you should try to use; your video mastering software must create a DVD-video-compliant ISO file as the source for the burns.

Or did i miss something here?

Hi and thanks for your input.
No, that pretty much sums it up.
Despite searching quite a bit for solutions to the other MBP issue, nothing’s coming up.
The only thing that’s changed afaik is an update to the Mac OS.
The ISO files I use have remained unchanged for years and so I’m struggling to understand what is going wrong now, hence my wanting to see if I can input the ISOs straight into the duplicator.