"Duplicators Central" 1 to 11 Controller HD question

Hi folks,

I have a “Duplicators Central” 1 to 11 SATA Controller with 12 Sony DVD burners.
There’s an extra sata port on the controller board (coloured orange for some reason) and I have a feeling this means I can add a Hard Drive as the source to give me max 12-at-a-time burns.

Trouble is I’m not sure and can’t really remember (been along time since I used it)
I’ve had a look on the net but can’t find any info on “Duplicators Central” so I’m guessing its probably a Chinese import thats been branded.

Can anyone help?

I see tons of this brand on eBay, so there must be a supplier somewhere still. They seem to have a presence on Twitter as well, but no real web site (the link directs to their eBay storefront).

The best approach would be to identify the manufacturer and model of the duplicator controller board.
This is a very narrow market, and there are really only a few brands (e.g. Acard, ILY Athena). You may be able to get support from there, or the web site of a company that specializes in duplicators where they might have a similar product (copystars, vinpower digital, produplicator, runtech media, etc).