Duplicator recommendations? Build or Buy?

I need to buy or build a duplicator to replace a 5 year old “Kangaru” Duplicator which used Yamaha CD-R drives. This thing recently failed all tests burning at 16x (with uncorrectable E22 errors, no less).

The Kangaru was a stand-alone. But in it’s place, I’d rather have a tower with up to 5 drives which I could hook up to a workstation, allowing for multiple, simultaneous recordings of the same group of files.

I also need these CDR drives to be of high quality, giving me no c2 errors on the disks obviously. (While I’m asking, does having no c2 errors mean I won’t get any of the other “E” variety? Because I’m just assuming…)

I’m also assuming something with 5 drives would cost me around $500? I’m basing this on some casual internet window shopping…

If anyone could help me out with advice or point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.