Duplicator and xbox 360

hi all i am using a wytron 688 with pioneer 111 drives. Trying to do a backup of a 360 game which i burned with clonecd and tested, it is working, but when i put it in a duplicator it burns fine but wont play in the 360. any ideas anyone else try this in the duplicator?

Probably the layer break is set automatically and it is not set at the proper address. That’s why you have to use CloneCD and Imageburn to copy a disk, other softwares do not handle the layerbreak position properly.

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Not true…

Get latest firmware for the duplicator, it will burn 360 games fine. but you must use pioneer drives for the reading and writing.

were i can found the last firmware for my wytron 688 ?


DVD-688 Ver 3.29 21.07.2006 work for xbox360 ?

I got my new 1 to 3 for £200 duplicator 4 weeks ago it has asus reader and 3 pioneer 111D writers and it dose xbox360 at 2.4 speed and it works i gave the company where i got the duplicator from a call and ask if i can do DL at 8 speed and they gave me firmware update and it has a new option on the controler DL speed and i changed it to 8 speed and i burned my xbox360 game at 8 speed and it works.

i got the duplicator from samrana.co.uk

they do 1 to 11
1 to 7
1 to 3

as i have wytron and acard duplicators they dont work with for xbox 360

i hope this helps :clap: :iagree:

mmmm as far as im aware the samsung drives with kreon firmware are the only drives at the minute that will read xbox games besides the xbox drives themselves…unless hotswapping but then you still need the ss.bin

but then again i have known to be wrong on numerous times :eek:

you can burn the games with a number of drives but the pioneer is recomended

The question is whether that duplicator can make a copy of a backup or it can copy originals aswell…

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well i guess a yes :iagree: and a no :disagree:

damn i need a duplicator :bigsmile:

Me also thinks so… :bigsmile:

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the duplicator can only do a backup of a backup. it dose not do orignal. and the for the copy disc to work on xbox360 the master has to be burned from cdclone.

cant the master copy be done by imgburn too?? manually set the layer break :slight_smile:

as long as the backup master works on xbox360 then the duplicator will copy it as it is and will work like the master.

what about buying the enclosure and adding your own drives???

i am talking about a duplicator all the dups dont copy xbox360 games you have to have a good controler (wytronm, acard, and copystar) are shit they dont copy xbox360 games that will work with xbox360 no matter what you do this controler i have got from samrana.co.uk is the only controler that works with cd, dvd, dvddl, dvddl for xbox360, ram, and later on if the bluray drives are cheap you can connect it with this controler and it will do bluray as well.

I went to the website you referred to and they just sell the same duplication equipment that everyone sells. Nothing unique there. AFAIC, Wytron controllers are at the top as far as build quality is concerned while not the fastest. ACard and the rest might be a little faster, but internal components look cheaper. All of the controllers can be sensitive to different drives/firmware/media combinations that may work on some and not on others. Just because a particular configuration did not work, don’t call the equipment shit unless you know what you are talking about. And don’t try to tell us that you have found some unique new duplicator that works the best when we have all seen the same equipment advertised everywhere else.

nobunaga- i am just saying what is better as i know what i am talking about because i have worked with them a lot i have got (2 wytrons 1 = 1 to 9 and 1 = 1 to 10)( 2 acard 2 = 1 to 9) (3 copystar 3 = 1 to 7) and (2 vinpowerdigital 1 = 1 to 11 and 1 = 1 to 7) and i know for sure vinpowerdigital is the best as it has 256mb buffer and it can burn max speed of 18x on dvd and DL at 8x and I don’t get any fails but with wytron and acard I have a lot of problems with it frizzes I have to turn it off and on and same thing over and over again in the acard it fails a lot and I have tried firmware update on both but no luck but with vinpowerdigital controllers I have no problem with any thing even with xbox360 as acard and wytron copy it and you cant play them back because of the layer break vinpowerdigital I have burned xbox360 game at 8x and it works fine it takes me 16min to burn a full DL disc at 8x.and the web site I gave they sell vinpowerdigital controller they don’t have it on there website I don’t know why I think you have to call them like I did and there is a guy that knows a lot about all the controllers as he works with them all and he said vinpower is very good controller and I tried it and I love it. So I recommended :bow: vinpowerdigital :bow:

i have this firmware but with 360 games don’t work for me…

hello i have a wytron dvd3000, and i want to upgrade the firmware, what must i do ?

i alrady download the frimware at the site, and unzipt et, en burnd it with nero on a blank cd-r, also closed the cd session.

now i put the cd in the asus redar , but he doesent do nothing ??