Duplication Software

We were Looking at some CD duplicators but the can get pricey. I want to know if there is any soft ware out there that will Turn a Desktop into a Duplicator so you can burn onto 2 or more CD rom Drive at one time.
Seems to me that it would be a whole lote Cheaper to go and buy a couple write able Drives than to buy a Duplicator.

Any suggestions?


You could try Discjuggler, AFAIK it can do the job.
You can download a demo version at www.padus.com.

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Padus DiscJuggler can burn on multiple recordable optical drives at the same time. All you need is a Server case with extra IDE add-on cards (unless you plan to go for SCSI) and you can set up your own PC replicator system.

You will need to purchase a 2+ license on Padus DiscJuggler though.

Some other software can do this too, but DJ is the best IMO.

Hope that helped some.


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