Duplicating Karaoke DVD Disc

Any body know how can i duplicate my DVD disc? My Karaoke player is HDT Hyundai karaoke player. I already tried DVD clonerII to copy but when i played it only display the background video and no lyrics. You cannot also select a song. I’ve notice that the space burned on my disc is not the same with the original copy but the 2 discs displayed same size. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.


To make a copy of that DVD you might have to first Decrypt the original into a folder on your hard drive using DVD Decrypter which is a free download at:


After decrypting the data on your original DVD, you should be able to create the new DVD using CloneDVD 2


Much easier and time preserving way is to use AnyDVD (driver working in the background) with CloneDVD2.

And forget DVD Cloner II. It is nothing but a modest and ineffective try.

I successfully duplicate my Karaoke DVD using Decrypter and clonedvd2 but when played i got No Disc message from my player. I think this is not an ordinary karaoke disc since it composed of 66,000 songs. It also gives you a score every end of the song you sang. The DVD disc contains Audio_ts, Video_ts and a midi0 folder. Now, Does anybody here any idea how to duplicate this thing? Thanks in advance.