Duplicated DVD sticking

I have duplicated a dvd film (no protection issues), but the duplicated disk always sticks when being played:

I create an image file which plays fine on my pc, but when burnt to dvd the film sticks when played from the dvd.

The master plays without any problems.

I’ve tried various apps (power2go, clonedvd, dvdfab, dvdshrink) but get the same problem. (At the same spot in the film).

No other problems with other projects.

Grateful for any suggestions.

What name is the media you’re using?

And burn speed…welcome to the forum, BTW :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response and the welcome.

I’ve used all speeds (from “max” down to 1x). (Made around 10 coasters)

Using Traxdata dvd-r (ritek) - used lots from this batch, and no other problems.

Try some different media to see if you have the same problem.
Posting a burn log may also provide information on other things that may cause issues.

Thank you so much - got different discs today and no problem!

(I’ve had such good results prior to this with the traxdata I never gave a thought to that possibility - are they known to be “iffy”, and is there a recommended media?)

For DL media, only Verbatim.

For DVD use, Verbatim (available locally) or Taiyo Yuden (TY- available on-line).

I’ve had the odd playback problem with Traxdata too :)…I use Verbatim discs personally, not a dud yet :cool: