Duplicate Software



Im getting ready to build another tower. I don’t have much knowledge and this will be my first build. Can I copy or take ; prefer copy the programs on my curret computer. I have an HP tower currentley and would like the programs Windows XP, Media Center etc, etc,etc. I don’t think it could be done but , any info. would greatley be appreciated. Thanks for ur time!


The only programs that can be safely copied from a computer to another are the so-called “portable software”, because they doesn’t require any installation.

The best option, if the machines are different, is to install again all softwares.

If the two machines are identical (i.e. same mainboard, same CPU, etc), you can also clone the entire partition containing the operative system from one machine to the HDD of the other computer, so you don’t need to install stuff :slight_smile:


…and you’ll get duplicated GUID(s) which is not a good idea, in other words reinstall.