Duplicate File Removal Tool for Windows XP & Windows 7?

I’ve got two old PCs, one running Windows XP and the other running Windows 7. On each of them I’ve got tons of MP3 files, with lots of duplicates. The PCs are connected together on a Windows Home Network.

I’d like to copy all the files from both PCs onto the hard drive of a 3rd PC running Windows 10. But before I transfer them, I’d like to cull all the duplicates.

I’d be grateful if someone could recommend a free simple to use program that would reliably delete the duplicate files.

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. “Clueless”

Try Doublekiller, works good for me since years :slight_smile:

doublekiller162.zip (391.3 KB)

Another option could be DupeGuru. I’ve been using an older version a couple of times in the past.

You could use the Picard software for MusicBrainz. Set it to move and rename your files then when you feed it the MP3’s from both sources they’ll end up in the same location, sorted by artist and album. Do be aware that the MusicBrainz database has tons of “Various Artist” compilation albums and it can mis-identify tracks (especially from older CDs and those recorded from analog sources) as being from such albums.

I used it a while ago to sort a folder with over 25,000 MP3 and WMA files, none of which had any embedded tag data. Over half of them were duplicates with slightly different names or were in different formats with the same name.

If all your files already have properly done embedded tags you don’t need to use the MusicBrainz database, just drop the files into Picard then save and if you set it up to rename and move it will go by the tag data in the files.

What Picard does with duplicates is the first duplicate copied to a folder gets a (1) appended to the name, the second gets a (2) etc. To get rid of them I use Agent Ransack (a free and super fast search program) to look under my main music collection folder for *(?).* That brings up all the files with a number in parentheses as the last three characters in the name. Hit Ctrl+A in Agent Ransack and Delete.

Want to convert all your WMA and M4A files to MP3 (or any which way you want) and do it FAST without doing any damage to the tag data, for free? Try Format Factory. It’s multi-threaded so it can convert several files simultaneously. On my 6 core FX6100 it converts 4 files at a time.

A feature I have never seen in a duplicate file finder is the ability to find duplicates with different file extensions only within the same folder.

For example if there was the artist Funky Fred and there were subfolders for albums named Funky Fred, Funky Fred: Even Funkier, and Funky Fred’s Greatest Hits - and the Greatest hits folder had tracks named 01 Fred’s Funkadelik.wma 01 Fred’s Funkadelik.mp3 and Even Funkier just had 01 Fred’s Funkadelik.mp3

Every duplicate finder I tried would find both instances of 01 Fred’s Funkadelik.mp3 but NOT show the true duplicate of 01 Fred’s Funkadelik.wma, or the software would show all three as being duplicates.

What I wanted to do was find only WMA and M4A tracks that were duplicates of MP3 files only in the same folder as the WMA and/or M4A file(s). In other words, ignore file extension and do not cross-match from any folder to any other folder. If the exact same name, with or without a matching extension, is in any number of folders but there’s only one match in a folder, or all the folders, they are not duplicates to be found.

But since no duplicate finder software can do that, I had to move all the WMA and M4A files out to one folder, run them all through Format Factory to convert to MP3, then run the MP3’s through Picard to sort them back into the collection tree, then use Agent Ransack to find and delete all the ones with a number in parenthesis. For album folders that didn’t have MP3 versions that was what I was going to do anyway, but I wanted to save the time of converting non-MP3 format tracks I already had in MP3.