Duplicate File finders - Freeware

Does anyone know where I can obtain a freeware duplicate file finder/deleter? Which runs under winxp/2000.

Thanks in advance :bigsmile:

PC Magazine at one time distributed a utility called wmatch (wmatch.zip 762KB) which would probably suit your needs. I think they now charge to download their utilities. I don’t know whether or not any copies are still available for free download.

There are a few on Nonags …as well as a few other useful programs. All malware free :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=glasgowrangers;591387]Nonags …as well as a few other useful programs.)[/QUOTE]

[I]Thanks for the link glasgowrangers…
I posted earlier for a freeware search tool that does Boolean
text searches. The site has one called "Witzend"
It seems to work pretty well so far. thx…[/I] :cool:

Easy Cleaner can find and delete duplicate files.