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Oh boy… spam

Nice! Hope you’ll get banned for this crap !

Geez, guys…take it easy! Just a BAD attempt at a little humor…lighten up a bit! No need to start flinging negative stuff!

Right. Maybe you folks should check out the links before flaming. I, for one, thought they were … erm … relevant. =)

Indeed. I must admit when I saw the post at first, I thought it was an advertisement and was a bit angry. But then I clicked the link…lol Good job bowrat for reminding us these last resorts!

Thanks, Guys…Didn’t mean to P*SS anyone off! Just trying to have a little fun!

Nice finds there. :slight_smile:


I truly apologize. I clicked on the 1st link and thought it was just spamming. Rereading the whole stuff…well sorry ! Sometimes my mouse movement is faster than my eyes ! :smiley:

Sorry, once again!

hi everybody.I tried unsuccessfully to encode ps2 .asf and .dat songs to mp3 to listen’em on my pc too.can someone help me to do it.is there a program or a method?thanks