Duplicate Cd

hello, this may be an stupid question but can some tell me how can i duplicate a cd with only one cd writer unit?

this is a regular data cd of some files i have backup is not any cd with any special protection of any of that

thank you

hi kico,

you can choose your writer for reading and writing with every burning programm i know.
When you use nero just click on nero start smart, copy cd, select writer as reading and writing drive. hope that helps you, if not post again:) and say which burning software you are using.

ANd to do it manually you can do the following:
Make image of CD, using Image Burner. This will copy the complete CD image to your hard disk.
Next, select Burn Image, using your writer. This will burn the image onto blanc CD and you have your backup copy.

(remember doing this back in the old days :wink: )