Dupe of ES20 Burned DVD Hangs on Playback



I just bought the ES20 DVD recorder & recorded my daughter on a network TV show using Imation 8x DVD-R media.

The recorded DVD works fine on the ES20S and also on our Panasonic 5-disk DVD player. When playing back the DVD-R on my Mac computer (G4/OS 10.3.9), it hangs/freezes at about 3 minutes into playback (until then audio/video are great).

I burned a copy of the original recording using Toast 6.0 & Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R media. The copy hangs/freezes during playback at the same place on the computer AND now on both the DVD recorder & player mentioned above (where the original works fine).

I’ve made many DVD back-up copies of my DVD collection for safekeeping so I know that my burner/computer are working fine.

Panasonic tech support suggested updating firmware (done tonight) to address 8x & 16x media compatibility. Test burn of ordinary TV show had same results–now the original hangs/freezes at 10 seconds into playback on Mac although plays fine on ES20. Ripped w/ Mac The Ripper and same playback results on computer.

Any ideas? Help me please. Thank you.


There aren’t many Mac users around here. I’d suggest you take one of the offending DVD’s and play it on a PC somewhere to see what it does there.