DUO 3 Ultra disk reading problems


Ive modded three ps2’s in the last 2 nights and having problems will all of them skipping and locking up. Im using the DUO 3 ultra chip as stated from the title. Wondering if anyone can help me out.

First off I want to point out that Ive been installing chips for quite some time now and had pretty good success.

My working ps2 is a v10 with a messiah chip and works flawlessly.

The new ps2’s with this new duo 3 ultra are as follows:

silver slim v16
black slim v14
Black fat v9

All will boot the backups but lockup during play. All games work awesome in my working ps2 with no issues. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? Has anyone had problems with this chip, because its my first time using them?


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thank you for moving my post, does anyone have any ideas on this problem?