DungeonSiege Legends of Aranna **SD1**

made a great and easy backup of this title; will be playing it here in a bit; used bW4 and there are not weak sectors…just 11 ecc/edc errors…Microsoft knows ‘what is happen’…shhh there just might be Product Activation!!!

=whoot and until we me again=

Originally posted by wakemonkeypimp
there are not weak sectors…just 11 ecc/edc errors…

If there are only 11 unreadable sectors it means that the prot. is safedisc lite rather than safedisc 1 (generally between 800 and 2,350 unreadable sectors).

Safedisc lite is really only intended to stop people who have no knowledge or understanding of copy protections from making copies with non-raw writers or by just using the cd-copy functions of nero, ezcd or whatever (i.e. the reading/copying process will abort on encountering the read errors).

true … an easy one by far in a long time

Heck, even CDMate copied that title in raw mode no problems…so i know its not much protection. I think MS is at the point to stop wasting its money on these expensive copy protection programs as they are all just defeated as soon as they are released (Macrovision your days are numbered! hehe). it does use PEX! protection on its exe though.

yea someone sent a link about SmarteProtection or some crap…but whatever it uses it did not last…oh hhhhh weellll