Dungeon siege protection?

I read this post :

I have the french version of Dungeon Siege and I confirm it’s a SD1 like.

It is really strange because I also have the french version which doesn’t seems to be protected :

There is not any unreadable sector (safedisc general case)
A simple 1:1 backup works in my poor (SAO) burner without any cracked exe .

I don’t call that a protection !!!

GameCopyWorld claims it’s a “cd checks” copy protection.

I have no idea what ClonyXXL or similar copy protection checkers say about it.

Don’t know about the French version but the Oz version has a modified form of safedisc 1 on the first cd and no protection on the second.

On the first cd there are bad sectors from about sector 800 to about 1,500 only. Further, the game will run from either cd though it won’t autorun from the second cd. (It’s scarcely a protection at all. :wink: )

Just to backup philamber’s comment
its similar to safedisc 1 and safedisk 1 settings is the way to get around this protection.

Very poor attempt to protect data.
I guess its to stop the normal everyday copying for friends via freebie programs.

Originally posted by -=][Y]{=-
its similar to safedisc 1
it’s SafeDisc Lite

For more detailed info see :

I believe it’s a new kind of protection.
Did you guys tried to install DS 1.1 Patch?

The Patch refused to install and said my files are corrupted. But I can run the game with no tinest problem. Everything in the game run smooth…