Dungeon Siege or Titan Quest - which did you like better?

I played both, and liked Dungeon Siege better. I like the adjustable 3D camera, the transparency effects, the inventory system, the pack animal concept and the fact that it runs well on even a moderate system, even with 6x AA enabled.

Titan Quest - it was annoying the way the inventory filled up so fast and you had to hop back and forth to the merchant in the previous town via that instant teleport thing.

What about ya’all? Which game floats your boat?

Haven’t played either of those games, but would be kind of interested in knowing more about them… any screen shots etc? :slight_smile:

The game(s) I keep going back to are any of the FF series, which I just love. Haven’t got round to playing online yet tho.

They are both Action RPG’s like Diablo.

Here’s a look at Dungeon Siege:


Here’s a look at Titan Quest:


Simple, but fun.

:flower: Thankyou!

Both with demos to have a go at too :slight_smile:

I’m normally a console gamer rather than a pc gamer, but have been trying to switch over… I keep being all sensible and reasoning that it’s a waste of money to get an X-Box, Wii or PS3 when I can just get games for the new pc I have.
Does that mean I’m getting old…? :confused:

Not getting old - just smart. :slight_smile:

Frankly, I think the Playstation 2 is the best deal out there for consoles, but there’s nothing wrong with the PC either. Both have their uses, different types of games they are good at, etc. Grab what makes ya happy.

I already have the PS2 - have done for quite a while, and really love it. There’s nothing quite so relaxing (for me anyway) as slobbing out on the couch with a beer and the PS2… :slight_smile:

Recently I’m seeing more games for pc that look interesting - and quite a few family / friends are playing World of Warcraft; which I’ve kept away from because I know I will turn into a game playing zombie who doesn’t do anything else. :wink:

Gonna try our Dungeon Siege demo this evening

Diablo2 clones :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a big fan of these RPGs … new RPGs coming out are 3Dified :wink:

I liked Dungeon Siege better than Diablo, and Titan Quest was about equal for me.

Dungeon Siege II sucked major cause they changed the save-game thing, and I think that turned a ton of people off. You get used to how things work in the first game and then the add-on (Legends of Aranna) and you want them to continue to work that way.

Kinda like how Serious Sam TFE and TSE rocked, but Serious Sam II sucked totally.

What I liked most about Dungeon Siege from a gameplay perspective is that the thing is linear. It does not require you to do a ton of back-tracking or teleporting. In fact, one thing I did not like about the expansion (LOA) was that they introduced some teleporting. Hated that.

You cruise along in Dungeon Siege and manage your inventory and hold on to the key stuff and along the way you will find shops where you can sell your inventory. You don’t have to keep teleporting back to a central shop area or anything like that. They are just there along the way. I really liked that.

Played the Dungeon Seige demo yesterday - quite good fun. Reminded me of Champions of Norrath a bit, but without all that annoying teleporting. I agree that teleporting to the shops gets tedious quickly (although if [I]I[/I] could actually teleport to the shops it would be pretty cool :iagree: )
The game play is very linear (at least in the demo) and may get a bit boring for me. I tend to prefer games where you can do things in no set order, wander around, find hidden areas, go back, lose focus, do something else completely… maybe play a mini game that has nothing to do with the plot.
Product of a confused mind maybe :wink:

Well, at least it is free to try. :slight_smile:

I tend to like linear games.

Like back in the day, you had Heretic, where you just went through levels and moved on, with very little back-tracking. Then they came out with Hexen, a sequel of sorts, and all you did was jump back and forth - very, very annoying.

So for me, Dungeon Siege was a breath of fresh air. No having to hop back up into town and deal with merchants over and over again. Fresh new territory all the time. :slight_smile: