Dungeon siege ISO burning problems

I have ISO’s of both dungeon siege cd1 and cd2.
But when I try too install them, they seme too be corrupted.
I have no problems with burning them, but the installation program gives me wierd error messages, and there wrong filesizes for some of the files, if anyone knows someting about it plz tell.

Where did you get the ISOs from?

hehehehe… They just dont work.

Well I got the Downloaded version.
It has Terrain.DSRES and Sound.DSRES corrupted

Well all I have to say is:
I bought the CD and tried to copy it with NERO and CLone CD.
Both give me the same results. Those files are on disc 2.
The funny thing is that you’ll play fine until you get to the 6th Chapter (looking for the King I think) some places are just impossible to get thru.