Dungeon Sieg troubles

hii guys i have a liteon writer and toshiba 6602 cd rom trying to back up my game because my sons destroy my originals …i cant do it i get errors when trying to install after back up at 32% always…using clone cd what settings should i use clony says its safedisk alt and it has bad sectors what settings should i use guys…and what brand media…has anyone copied it sucessfully with a liteo on writer…thnkz …please what settings do i use…

please guys someone must have made a back up//69$ is expensive so i cant leave the cd.s around cause my boys a really nasty but i love them so i like to make my back ups thnkz.

They offer replacement CDs for like $8 or so. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say, why don’t you post this in the cloneCD forum?

Try with the standard Game profile setting in CloneCD 4.

Is the original scratched in any way? Try to also read with the lite-on, do that help?

Hi there, I used Clony XXL Build and found out that it had SafeDisc Alt listed as the copy protection too.

I used CdMate to read and write the image file created with my LiteOn 32123s (previously 24103s). At first it tells you that their are a number of damaged sectors, but preserve as this sorts itself out very quickly.

I burned the images on two 650/680 CDRW discs and they worked fine using my Mitsumi cdrom as the reader.

The setting I used with CdMate was SafeDisc 1 in the wizard setting…as easy as that. Successful burn in less than 4 mins.

chrome :slight_smile:

thnkz for the help guys going to try as soon as the brats are sleeping

by the way chrome 307 did u install it from your back up does it install fine and run fine? thnkz mate…what cd; type did u use?

Yep, used my Mitsumi drive to install and run the game from with no problems!!

The discs I used to burn the images to were silver Intenso discs (cheap ones!!) 700mb at max speed 32x

i did it using cd mate it works great now if my son breaks the disk i wont have to pull out the rest of my hair…

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the game also runs in the LiteOn, gotten so use to have to use the other drive to play games on.

Glad you managed to backup the game successfully, did CDMate tell you that there were bad sectors initially?

chrome :slight_smile:

The LiteOn I used is the 32123s firmware OX0U (originally 24103s)

Dungeon seige is firstly a great game.

It was also really easy to back up for me but i was so overjoyed when first getting it off someone (as it had only been out for a day or so) i decided to use some good Sony 700mbs 24x cds.

They brunt like a charm and there was no problems what so ever.
Its a great 1:1 copy and im really glad for the backups.

Using CloneCD on RAW-DAO

with amplify weak sectors

Here’s a link for Dungeon Siege, no cd required in case you need it

Do not link to cracks, we do not allow that here

chrome :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried them myself yet though!!

On the download page, I used the first file and it worked perfectly.

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CD2 is supposedly unprotected, then why do I get the same error from 3 DIFFERENT sources?
a. D/L a copy
b. Copy from an original disc…yes, I liked it enough to buy it.
c. a friend of mine gave me another copy (dunno from where)

The copy from the originals, using CLONE CD and NERO gave me the same errors as the Warez version and the other one:
Check your copies with this command line and plz tell me your results. THNX!! Of course change the drive and folder accordingly!

D:\Gamez\DungeonSiege\DungeonSiege.exe verifydata=true