Dune will not play



I used anydvd and had it remove files shorter than 2 minutes. My dune player will not play these files now.

I want to know if there is any way to take the files on the hard drive and rip them again without going through the whole rip process to repair these files?



It will not play the ISO files at all because the dune does not know how to bypass the short files and it locks up
if i do not use this feature in anydvd they play fine.
I have already ripped 300 disk.


Does the ripped movie play correctly on the computer in a media player like VLC or Media Player Classic HomeCinema?

You might try running the ripped dvd through FixVTS and see if that helps. http://www.videohelp.com/tools/FixVTS No guarantees there.

You can also try processing it through VobBlanker or PGCEdit, though PGCEdit isn’t a simple tool.

Edit: You posted your second time while I was writing. Are all of them in ISO format then? That complicates matters a bit. You can mount them in a virtual drive like Slysoft’s VirtualClone Drive to work with them.