Dumping ECDC, installing Nero: advice?

This is an absolutely basic newbie query:

I need the get rid of Roxio’s horrible ECDC 5.x, and want to install Nero instead.
I’ve heard that the Roxio is hard to get off one’s system. Is this so? Can I just uninstall the program and then clean the registry of all Roxio entries and then install Nero, or is it necessary to reinstall Windows in order to really get rid of ECDC?

Then can Nero live peacefully with other burning apps (I have WinOnCD5 and CDMate), or is it better (or necessary) to use Ahead’s ‘universal boot utility’ (or whatever it’s called – I’ve forgotten)?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

If you don’t want to use Easy CD Creator 5.x, you can do a normal uninstall with no problems. There is no need to clean the registry or reinstall Windows.

Easy CD Creator can coexist with Nero, WinOnCD 5, and CDMate all at the same time if you wish. I have all of these and a lot more loaded with no problems.

No boot menu is necessary.

A simple search and destry mission in the registry for EasyCD and Roxio and DirectCD entries will be adequate, though it may not really be necessary. A similar search for files will produce a few items as well. Do not search or delete Adaptec entries.
I perform these searches anytime I uninstall a program, any program. Norton windoctor is also helpful in locating stray registry keys,


You stated that EZCD and Nero could co-exist. Does this include
DirectCD and Nero’s packet writting versions? I had heard they
could not and you would need a bootmenu to select either Nero or DirectCD and on Nero’s site there are boot menus only for Win9x and not XP for using Roxio with Nero

Thanks in advance


stated that EZCD and Nero could co-exist

For many people they cannot co-exist, your mileage may vary.
DirectCD and InCD cannot co-exist in any way.


There are no problems with recent versions Nero and Easy CD Creator being used together. I have personally done this for years without problems. There is a lot of bad advice on the web from people who either don’t use them both or don’t know what they are talking about. The statement “For many people they cannot co-exist” is simply not true.

If you want to use a packet writing program, either DirectCD or InCD can be used but not both as stated by rdgrimes. This is because both programs are integrated into the operating system at startup to allow the drag & drop operations of packet writing. If both are loaded, their drivers are trying to do the same thing and cause problems. This packet writing driver conflict is the reason that many people thought that Nero and Easy CD Creator had a conflict.

It is not necessary to use a bootmenu to use Nero and Easy CD Creator. The bootmenus on Nero’s web site are very old and obsolete in my opinion. They consist of complicated DOS batch files that remove or replace registry entries on system boot up. I would definitely not recommend using these bootmenus, which are more likely to cause problems than prevent them.

“For many people they cannot co-exist”

Is a true statment, a simple search here or on usenet will bear this out. If you’re going to quote, get the whole statement.

, your mileage may vary.


“Your mileage may vary” adds nothing to the incorrect statement “For many people they cannot co-exist”. “Your mileage may vary” is just a trite phrase that has no significance when applied to a vague and unspecified term like “many”.

In years of assisting people with thousands of posts on different boards, I recall no single documented instance of an inability of Nero and Easy CD Creator to coexist that wasn’t caused by improper packet writing installations. There is plenty of talk to this effect, like yourself, by people who are passing on gossip and rumors from others. They are invariably people who for one reason or another hate Easy CD Creator, and take joy in reviling it.

There is bound to be someone who claims to have had this problem, but I haven’t seen an unsolvable problem firsthand. It’s either talk from someone who didn’t know how to solve a problem, or second hand gossip from those with no direct experience. Remember, there are a lot of incompetent people out there who can’t seem to get anything to work. They frequently give up before a problem is understood or sorted out.

These are some of the links that a search of this site brought up. I couldn’t find one instance of an inability of Nero and EZCD to coexist, but instead users that proved that they could. These types of threads would have attracted anyone who had tried and couldn’t get them to work together, but nobody came forward with actual experience. Just talk, rumor, gossip. “For many people they cannot co-exist”.








Please show me your proof of your “true” statement “For many people they cannot co-exist”.

Just curious, could you possibly be MORE arrogant and confrontational?
Seriously, you do take the cake. Lighten up! You’re only demonstrating your own insecurity :bow:

Hmmm, if the argument proves to have no merit then the ad hominem attack begins, eh?:wink:

Perhaps you should take your own advice? :bigsmile:

There’s no argument there, Inertia, just another rant that says nothing. Of course most problems are user-error…DUH. That’s irrelevant. WHY people have problems with SleazyCD is not at issue. I was simply stating that they do.
Looking at your silly rant, I have to ask who are you trying to convince?

Hmmm, if the argument proves to have no merit then the ad hominem attack begins, eh?

Yes, it does.

Ok, this thread’s going nowhere.

In summary-

  • if you want to change from ezcd to nero, it probably isn’t wholly necessary to clean the registry of all ezcd entries but isn’t a bad idea anyway.

  • incd and direct cd definitely can’t co-exist on the same system.

  • ezcd and nero, or at least the latest versions of same, ought to be able to co-exist but a number of people have problems (possibly due to user error or incorrect packet writing installations).

  • last but not least, rdgrimes and inertia are having another of their regular arguments. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to close the thread, methinks. :wink: