Dummy Q - 'bursting' chapters to mobile files

thought I could find this on me own, but … want to take DVD backup on HD ( video_ts folder) and break out the chapters to individual files in a batch run … possible?

adjusting ‘Chapter Range’ from ‘Advanced Title Settings’ returns only a single ‘thing’ in the DVD to Mobile task list.

am I missing something obvious? (probably)



It’s in the “Configure” menu- “Split by Chapter”

ok thanks - will look ‘deeper’ later … just now cannot find that

"in the “Configure” menu- “Split by Chapter”

… ok - cannot find the option. could you plz post a screenshot, tia

… looked again and saw that ‘Split by Chapter’ - as I understood your direction - apparently refers to taking a ( dual layer ) disc and - in essence - splitting it into two separate ( single layer ) discs while preserving overall quality on both. Not exactly what I was looking to accomplish.

fwiw : what I wound up doing was creating several ( OMG ) copies of the DVD folder and scanning each to extract the individual chapters to individual .AVI files in a ‘batch run’ shrug - a workaround at best that worked … as long as the drive real-estate is available.

Nope… You’re making hard work of it !!!

Once you have set up the job, go to configure and there is a “SPLIT” option.

Pull down “Split by Chapter”

doh! I knew I was missing something very obvious. Thanks gregi & orrinc.

downside is - opened another can of worms, see new thread