Dumbest Injuries

We have some similar threads (ie blonde moment), etc. but what about the dumbest injuries that anyone has ever had. I will start with a few. Feel free to laugh at my expense, but only if you respond with your own dumb injuries:

  1. When I was a teenager I had a cheap BB gun that I was using. It cocked in the traditional “red rider” fashion single pump. I thought I would be cool and cock the gun and then attempt to fire it without having snapped the lever back in place with a single hand. as soon as I pulled the trigger the lever snapped back and pinched my finger between it and the stock. Fortunately it was a weak BB gun but I still had a sprained finger for a week.

  2. Once again when I was a teenager, I was out on a dirt track with some jumps, etc. I didn’t have a bike with me at the time and one of my buddies loaned me his mountain bike which didn’t fit me very well. I took the bike over the first jump and disappeared from the sight of my friends. What they didn’t see was me popping off the seat and landing my nethers on the crossbar at the time the bike landed on the ground. Needless to say I had the wind knocked out of me and it was a couple of minutes before I hobbled back up the dirt mound doubled over and pushing the bike. They asked what happened and after the initial “OUCH” they all started laughing at me.

  3. Last night I was walking over to my cheap old rolling computer chair. The plastic wheel cover tabs have broken on a couple of the wheels and they are jagged. I was wearing socks but stubbed my toe really good on one of the jagged edges cut my small toe right underneath the toenail. It still smarts.

That really hurts :frowning:

The one you caused to yourself instead of someone you did not like

[QUOTE=bobmacans;2530653]That really hurts :([/QUOTE]

Which one? They all hurt. :eek:

Once while working in oilfields, I was walking back to the area in a gas plant where we were working, having a discussion with another worker and ran smack dab into a steel beam. Didn’t see it with the baseball cap I had on blocking my vision. Hit me right across the top of my forehead and knocked me on the ground. Several weeks of ribbing ensued after that. :rolleyes:

I was sharpening a plane blade and had it sharp enough to shave the hair off my arm. I was using oil stones, and the blade was slippery with oil, so sure enough I dropped it. Working in a shop with a concrete floor I didn’t want to ruin the edge, so I stuck my foot out to stop it. I was wearing shorts at the time. The blade hit me mid shin and sliced its way down about 3 inches or so, then it hit the floor and dented the edge. :doh:

OUCH!!! :eek:

^Didn’t really hurt…the blade was so sharp I hardly felt the cut. Just bled all over the place.

I remembered another one though. I was helping put a new roof on my sister’s house, and was putting up some new boards on the edge of the eaves. I had to reach out a fairly long way to put in one nail and just as I reached out with my weight outside the edge of the ladder, the old wooden ladder decided to break in half! I did a backwards flip straight down on top of my head. Wouldn’t have been so bad, except I landed right on a strip of concrete that bordered one of the flower beds. Knocked me loopy for about an hour or so and had a goose egg sized knot right on the top of my head. My nephew swore I put a dent in the concrete. :eek:

There is so many- which one-well the worst one is the chain saw slip ,the chain was dull and I got tried been cutting for 4hrs or so and the saw jumped up so quit -it just took a second. It was just before they changed the saws and started putting brake guards on the saws.Well it cut down to the bone and I had to have it sewed back up and the tendon was a 1/4 in shorter for the width of the chain and now the finger is fish hook shaped.It’s fun giving directions.

Yikes. I share my father’s fear of chainsaws and the closest I will get to one is a hedge trimmer.


I did remove a chunk of my thumb with a cheese slicer though. Fortunately it all grew back.

smacked my brother in the face and broke my hand thats the dumbest thing i did , funny thing was thought he broke his hand hitting me back so we both had casts on over last christmas

[QUOTE=marcus_667;2548192]smacked my brother in the face and broke my hand thats the dumbest thing i did , funny thing was thought he broke his hand hitting me back so we both had casts on over last christmas[/QUOTE]


There’s definitely a lesson in there somewhere. :wink:


Now that is funny. :smiley:

I fell down in the bathtub ( twice in my life )
No Injuries but it was very painful and I start Laughing
I don’t know why ?