When i try to burn dumbanddumber and the devils rejects using nero i get "failed to read from the file vts_01_4.vob. when i use clone dvd i get cyclic redundency

I am getting a Cyclic Redundancy Check error.

Try cleaning the movie disc. If that does not work, if you are using an external DVD drive, please disconnect and reconnect the drive to your computer. Also try using an internal drive.

You can also try to copy using MOVIE ONLY. That sometimes helps with a Cyclic redundancy check error on certain movies.

It is possible the original movie you have has some bad sectors.

(Cyclic Redundancy Check) or CRC Error

This can happen on various reasons:

  1. DVD media is dirty - you can try to clean it
  2. DVD media is damaged, you have to replace it
  3. Your drive is a region locked rpc2 drive, which does not allow reading of scrambled sectors from a different region and try to read a DVD from a different region.
    You can try to find a rpc1 patched firmware at www.rpc1.com
  4. Your drive is an rpc2 drive that has not yet been assigned a region. try to assign one, or try to find a rpc1 patched firmware.

The link is there takes you too the firmware page.

To find the firmware you currently have use this:


If it’s not scratched or dirty I suggest returning it and get another one due to the manufacturer bad press (burn).

In your case the DVD’s just need a good buffing as these are old titles and I had no problem backing them up.

Also, the OP’s reader could be dying.

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