Dumb thoughts

Do a lot of people buy Plextors anymore? When I first got into burning a couple years ago I was told Plextor was to dvd burners what Mercedes is to cars. So I bought the Plextor 708a. Fast foward to late 2005 and I didn’t know anyone who had a Plextor besides me. I thought for a while they stopped making burners. I decided to upgrade to a 16x burner and found out Plextor did indeed make burners still. I picked up the slot loading 716al and got a defective drive. I returned it and got yet another defective drive. I just gave up and threw it in the garbage. Next, I ordered the nec 3520 and it worked ok. I had never quality scanned before so I started scanning random dvd’s I burned over the years. Guess what I found? Most of the dvd’s I burned with the Plextor 708 had lots of errors on them. Quality scores were sometimes in the mid 90’s, but they were often horrible and sometimes as bad as 0. The drive I thought was good was actually crap. Today I tried to play a dvd I burned back in 2004 with the good ol’ Plex 708 and it was unplayable. Quality score 0. It played fine back then and now it’s garbage. I’ve wised up when it comes to dvd burning. I sold the NEC 3520 to a coworker for $20. It wasn’t until I got the LG 4163 that I finally owned a good burner. It lacked features but makes good solid burns and is reliable. Just yesterday I got an even better burner: the Benq1655. I never heard of a burner with so many features. It’s ridiculous. It’s a good drive right out of the box and will only get better with firmware updates. So I guess what my original point was how does Plextor sell dvd burners for insanely high prices if they aren’t better than LG or BenQ? Nec isn’t a spectacular burner out of the box but it’s cheap as hell and there are hacked firmwares to improve preformance. All three brands have their newest drives availabe online for $50. Who exactly buys Plextor dvd burners and why?

Guessing by serial numbers the total count produced of the 716 model must range somewhere in between 1 to 1.5 Million over the last 12 months. Compared to that LiteOn or LG ship a total of around 15 Mio drives per year. Plextor must be considered a specialist catering for a high end niche market.

Nice analogy. Mercedes is having quite some problems in recent years :bigsmile:. However it is IMHO true. Surprisingly most people fail to see the additional value Plextor drives offer. For some reason that doesn’t hinder them to buy one anyway and then start complaing about how they paid to much (for something they apparently had no use for in the first place).

You know, there are two main factors involved in CD ord DVD burning. One is the drive, the other one is the media used. The use of quality media is IMHO even more important that the quality of the drive used. I suggest you read this forum and learn more about media quality. There are many, many crap media out there that will ‘self-destruct’ or literally fall appart after a year or two. No drive can help yout there. Also no drive supports all media that available. It’s imperative to learn which brand your drive likes and which not. Plextor publishes extensive lists of recommend and compatible media. Did you ever check on them? Sorry to say so, but without having a closer look at the media you used, your conclusion above is pretty much flawed.

How can you make a valid statement about reliability and compare it without the same long-term basis experience? Given there is a good chance that you are feeding these drives the same media you fed the 708, want to take a bet about whether these discs still work in 01/2007?

Hard to say. Some people probably do because of marketing, the more knowledgeable probalby do because they see and like the additional functionality offered. Also Plextor drives seem to get used in copy-towers relatively often.

Here is a beter question. Why do people buy plextor px 740a drives when you could get a benq 1640 for half the price (and they are the same dirve)? I can understand if you want a 1640 (and they are no longer avalable), but when to 1640’s were avalable for 40$ on newegg, whe did plenty of people pay 100$ for a plextor? Why do people pay well over 100$ in some cases for sony burners when you can get liteon/benq’s for 40-50$ and again, they are the same drives? My guess is that most poeple don’t know any beter or somehow think that the sony or plex is beter? If the plex is beter, couldn’t you get a 1640 and flash it with plex firmware and have the same thing? If a sony is beter, couldn’t you get a liteon/benq and flash it with sony firmware, and have the same thing?
Fyi I know there are plextor drives that are not rebadged benq’s, or at least I think there are, but I’m not that farmiliar with them and am not refrencing them. I’m just trying to make a point, why do people buy rebadged drives that are usally more expensive at all? Probably because they do not know beter or are convinced that one is better somehow.

I have recently started reburning a lot of DVD discs that are around 1 year old. They were sold as “Pioneer” 4x DVD-R discs (media code BeAll) and when I first burned them they worked great. But now, when I try to read these discs they either slow down at the end or worse, they’re completely unreadable. I burned these discs with my PX-708A as well but since the discs were fine when I burned them, there is no other conclusion than that the media is the problem as it has quickly degraded. Since some months now I stick to Taiyo Yuden manufactured or MCC manufactured discs only.

You are of course right to say that most people don’t know that they are buying a rebadged drive but even if they did, there are other factors involved when deciding which drive to buy. One is previous experiences (like most people I started using Plextor drives a long time ago; the PX-W1210TA was my first drive and it still works) and things like service (Plextor is known to provide good service when there is a problem, although Plextor Europe is better at support than Plextor America, judging on what people report here), included software, looks, etc.

Guessing by serial numbers the total count produced of the 716 model must range somewhere in between 1 to 1.5 Million over the last 12 months. Compared to that LiteOn or LG ship a total of around 15 Mio drives per year. Plextor must be considered a specialist catering for a high end niche market.
And they will become more and more “nichely” if they don’t change their attitude…

I’m kinda hoping that Plextor will become a “nice” company instead of a “niche” company. :wink:

But I’m not going to hold my breath while waiting… :disagree: