Dumb salesman story (true though)

Last weekend I went to Fry’s Electronics with my dad to buy a 24x10x40 writer that was on sale (Que! writer).

When we went there, I asked the representatives about what engine it uses from what company and they said “All kinds of engines.” Well, I couldn’t get any info about that.

Then I asked them about what writing modes it supports and they look at the box, hesitate for a moment, and reply in a dumbfounded way, “CD-R and CD-RW.”

I am trying to get them to let me know if it copies protected CD’s without giving away that I pirate software. So I ask them if it can write uncorrected data and subchannels. Now there’s about 6 people trying to answer my questions and not a single arsehole knows what they’re or I’m talking about. They say, “You need to get one of the oldest writers to write uncorrected CDs”

I am frustrated so I give them the whole loaf: “Can it copy SafeDisc 2 protected CD’s?” I’m pretty sure they dont know but they start by replying “We’re not allowed to legally tell you that information.” Of course, they have no clue. Then they start saying “You can use cracks. You can find them at astalavista.box.sk” and other stuff which I’m sure is illegal.

So they don’t want to tell me what it can backup, but they are ready to give away crack sites. These people aren’t qualified to work there!

I’m pretty sure that they were intimidated since a 14-year-old boy (me) knew more than any of them put together.

So I took the writer home. It supports RAW-DAO and all protections BUT it doesn’t support SafeDisc 2 (I have to use AWS).

It has “JUSTLINK” feature. I want to know what engine this writer runs on so if anybody can tell me what “JUSTLINK” is usually contained in, I would be thankful.

I am pretty sure it is a rebadged “Ricoh”

Don’t know what parts they use but a funny story. I think they didn’t have a clue what you were talking about! :smiley: Personally I would never buy a writer that I didn’t know (e.g. through reviews/user experiences)… Nor would I buy it from a normal electronics store since they don’t normally know the ‘real’ technical details. But that’s me!

Sorry but I disagree with you mate, I’ve never been to a Fry’s Electronics store as I live in the UK, but I take it that it’s soem kind of large chain store selling stuff that needs a plug from computers to washing machines? In any case, why are these people arseholes? Has it occured to you that they may be on an incredibly low wage, and not really give a toss what you think? Although I’m only in college I’ve worked in similar chain shops, like Halfords, and Dixons and can tell you now that its not the salespeople that are the arseholes its the company that employs them, my training in Halfords consisted of watching 4 30min videos on Bikes/accessories Cars/accessories Mig/Arc welding and one on catching shop lifters. Think before you have a go.

That 14 year old kid (dunno if it was dandaman or not?) was a smart ass. Shops have been threatened by sony that if they talk about safedisk, and more importantly copying psx 1/2 games then legal action will be taken.

suuure sony wont sue the salesman personlally, but they can increase the shops buy price of there products

but yes, i do agree that the salespeople didnt know shit about burners. but to there defence, they have a lot of products to learn about, not many people would know finer details like that of hundreds of different things, printers etc etc, even that 14 year old, the only thing he knows about is pirating games, yet he didnt know what burners did/didnt do safedisk. Why not do some searching for your info yourself, instead of expecting everything to be handed to you.

people like that shit me.
my 2c worth…

JustLink is owned by Ricoh and they (Ricoh) can copy early revisions of SD2 without AWS. If you go into any department store they are staffed with wage slaves like you & me who only want to know about copy protections if it can put more food on the table.

It’s not that I was expecting info handed over to me.

I did a lot of searching on the net and couldn’t find almost a thing about this writer. Fry’s electronics is one of those places where you could get anything from computers, porn, washing machines, vacuums, and more.

Must times if you go into a electronics store you will probably get that response.
I went into Compusa a couple of years ago and found something Mcafee put called a virus boot record blocker, I asked the floor person what the hell it did and he no clue, neither did the techincians in the back. Basically it is a card that is plugged into a pci spot and watches for boot sector virus activity. Hmm cant this be done thru software.

Dan I know what you mean when you find people who dont really know when it comes to burners, That is why i wish that some stores had a internet connection available to the public. I have come across a few good buys (burners) and later found out that they were not really a good buy, such as not being able to do RAW-DAO or subchannels, or something like it would not be able to do EFM correctly

Futureproof: Hm what? When did richo writers begin to successfully copy SD2? SD 1 is no problem, but never seen any of them copy any SD2 version without AWS checked.

They could copy RA2 (AWS wasn’t around then) like my MP7163A did

This is gonna sound very DUMB

what is aws???

Originally posted by Stranger_Style
This is gonna sound very DUMB
what is aws???

Amplify Weak Sectors

Future proof is right…some of the ricohs could copy SOME SD2 games…but not all SD2s.

Gamefreak is the man to ask about this…it was his list.
(many thanks again…you da man!)

but yeah, some people could copy Red alert 2 some people couldnt…depended on the settings / reader / media and the game.

too many factors…but i like my ricoh mp7200…its a good drive…and i work it hard :slight_smile:

there is only 1 writer to buy liteon 24102b
there is only 1 make of printer to buy Epson

why liteon…it can copy anything apart from cactus shield $80
why epson…you can buy 1colour+1 b&w cartridge for $7.50

all other parts for PCs are a matter of personal choice!


Epson is a tool of the devil…
Not really, but Canon is the best.

Epson is geared towards business users, who just print black and white text all day.

Anyway, most of it is arbitrary.

my lexmark z52 cost a lot less than epson or canons and ripped them all up in several reviews even when it competed against larger printers worth over 1500$. ($3000 AUD)

go lexmark…

Canon, the 8200 (or its successor, don’t know the model number) is perfect for photos, can’t do much else with it though.

Lexmark has never been my favourite. Their cartridges are hard to come by and very expensive. Printers are cheap, quality is reasonable, but drivers suck (at least used to, destroyed my confidence in Lexmark)

HP is not cheap, perhaps not best at everything, but as an overall printer it is my favourite. With the refill cartridges available printing has become pretty wel affordable, without losing too much quality.

Epson sucks in my opinion. When the printhead is broken or dried, you better replace your whole printer, just replacing the cartridge will get you nowhere.

As for the topic of conversation this thread was started over, the salesman should have said he did not know, instead of coming up with dumb asnwers that were obviously incorrect. You can’t them expect to know everything about every item they sell. In my opinion a good salesman is someone who can translate the customer’s needs into an actual sale. When a customer walks out the store with a system that suits his needs, nothing less, but not too much more (a good salesman always tries a little upselling), he had a good salesman who helped him.

A good salesman is someone who asks within the first five minutes what the customer wants to do with the stuff he plans to buy, not just sum a whole list of technial specifications. When the customer comes home and is among friends and they don’t tell that particular customer he has been had (bought far more (or less) than he actually needs), the customer will have a feeling of satisfaction and will eventuelly return for follow up sales such as cartridges etc (where the real profit lies).

But all depends on the kind of customer the store targets…

sounds like you have had some sales experience too eh smarta$$ ?

in OZ lexmark is only a little less popular than canon or HP. heaps of cartriges and i agree 100% dude, there drivers DO suck.

but the latest ones for windows XP run wihtout ANY dramas.

how offtopic is this…

Originally posted by Huzzy
sounds like you have had some sales experience too eh smarta$$ ?

I know Da_Taxman used to be one of those I described above :wink:

I noticed that again Sunday when I went into Compusa again and was looking at the dvd burners and some body came up to me, I ask him about the Samsung cd rw next to them and he could not answer any questions. He had never heard of plextor, liteon, or lg burners. What?? never heard of three companies that produces. His recommendation was to buy a sony. I was insulted and explained to him in detail the drives that Compusa sells. I felt bad becasue person makes his money and he couldnt sell a flea to a dog. Maybe I should go to work there…

Cloakdoa, talk to this person a little more, you will find they have a specialty. ill admit that some dont, but they never last long, or they learn a specialty. the store is usualy made up of mutiple people with different specialties. if it doesnt then the store dies or the people get sacked.

you cant blame the guy for pointing to a sony, they are a good brand…just cause they dont do what YOU want, they still work well and almost NEVER die. that i can confirm cause my mate has a 2x sony with caddy load…still chugging on CDRWIN. :slight_smile: