NOT A PC ORIANTATED QUESTION. I have a Sony DVD VHS player recorder. I use it 6-8 hours daily. But, it can take up to 5 Min’s to load and format a disc. Also dividing and editing titles etc. Is also very slow. I like all the features it has and that it can can play REC. most CD DVD formats. It can also record DL discs as well. A feature I don’t use often but I do use it. I had originally bought a Panasonic EZ model ($300.) only to find that most editing formats could only be done on RAM discs. Not very practical if you want to play the disc on someone else’s play. It would freeze up and crash often. That being said I like this PLAY/REC. and all its features. But, replacing it can be a real crap shoot.
So is it possible to UNPLUG a chip or processor or something to speed it up a bit ???:confused:

Does it take this long formatting RW media, or are you using -R or +R media…

There won’t be anything you can change to alter operation or speed. It is what it is.