Dumb questions about LiteOn

I’ve bought a new cd writer, the liteon LITLTR40125S
I wanted to know if it does support Mt Rainier? Should i install some programs to make Mt Rainier works?
What firmware should i update it to? And how can i oc it?
(I know that you must have been answering to this kind of question a hundred times but i’m busy and don’t have time to read the forum so please don’t flame me 10x)

There are no dumb questions, only unanswered ones. Yes it does (or it should) using InCD with Nero will confirm this.

Just download the latest Firmware & your burner will support Mt. Rainier.

Stay away from InCD. Use DirectCD or some other Packet Writing software which supports Mt. Rainier.

Read my thread here regarding problems with InCD http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=54323

Follow the guide on this forum to OC your drive.

You can overclock your LTD 40125S to 48x w/ the VS08 firmware.

Make sure you read the mtkflash readme file first, write down where your 40125S is located, and that no dics is in the drive before you flash. And of course, always have a good floppy disk for the flash. File you’re looking for is here.

Nothing wrong with InCD as you said yourself V3.31 is fine.

Yeah it is OK.

You get unreliable formats of CD-RW.

Sometimes a MT. Rainer formatted CD cannot even be detected in some CD-Roms. They just throw it out.

If by mistake you press the eject button on the drive then, your problems will start.

You have to eject the CD from the InCD menu.

This is not the case with DirectCD.

Even if you press the eject button on the drive, it takes you to the eject menu & finishes the eject process properly.

So i’ll have to use directCD. I assume that the last version support Mt Rainier

Originally posted by 4nik8
So i’ll have to use directCD. I assume that the last version support Mt Rainier

You use what you like mate :slight_smile:

Personaly i will continue to use InCD that i assure you i have had no problems with (V3.31) Because someone has had a problem it doesnt make that problem universal. I have not encountered any of the problems darshanjog has mentioned apart from “You have to eject the CD from the InCD menu” which isnt a problem it is a design feature of the program! The disc is locked into the drive as the VAT isnt wrote to the disc until it is ejected, if you eject the disc and the VAT hasnt been wrote you will not see the data that you wrote to the disc via packet writing. Locking the disc ensures that the VAT is wrote to the disc and your data is safe as an accidental eject cannot take place.

Plus dont you have to use Easy CD Creator :Z to use Direct CD?

EZCD is also a good burning software & i personally prefer it over Nero.

Latest DirectCD version supports Mt. Rainier.

Also, the ultimate choice is with you.

We can just give suggestions from our own experiences.

Hehe, from the CD Freaks news page

Last but not least you have the GCE-8480B’s features. Since support for Mt. Rainier never made it onto LG’s 40x writer, I was a little surprised to see that this feature was disabled on our GCE-8480B due to some issues with the bundled Roxio software. Those of you in Europe and Asia should not have this problem since the GCE-8480B is bundled with Nero in those parts of the world.

Like you say each to their own :slight_smile:

I received my drive and i’ve installed nero and incd, first thing i’ve done is to try Mt Rainier.
So i’ve launched incd and put a cd-rw in my drive then i’ve format it and when i’ve opened the explorer (under win2k) i received an error sayng to put a cd inside the drive
Where does the problem comes from?
ps: i’ve not flash it (liteon 40125S) and nero says the drive supports Mt Rainier