Dumb question

I just downloaded 1.11, and I accidently entered in 0 for the disc size for the DVD±RW setting. Unfortunately it kept this setting and I can’t remember what it was set to. I’m thinking 4472. Is this on the mark? I did look for screen shots, but couldn’t find any. I do know this is a user error created problem, but perhaps in the next release, this setting could be set so that it can not be changed.

Ed Janx

No way, that is a great settting. Some dvd-r’s won’t burn correctly on the default setting ( cheap dvd-r’s ) so changing it to be lower works great. Maybe adding a button to make it go back to the defult would be a better idea.

But there are two User Defined settings already that can serve that purpose, and they both remember the last setting used. I’m talking about the default DVD+/-RW setting, which I accidently set to 0. If this one setting wasn’t editable, dummies like me who accidently change it wouldn’t need to ask silly questions like this one. :slight_smile: BTW, is it 4472?

Since most people wanted to change the fixed DVDR/W value into something smaller we made that one also user definable

(i myself always set it to 4444, works like a charm on my Ritek build That’s write discs)