Dumb Question



OK I’ve been wondering about this for a while. A standard CD that I burn is 12cm. My drive also supports 8cm CD’s but where do you get them from ?

Also does anybody know where I can download Office 2000 ?

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not sure but i think the small ones are mini-disks

for Office 2000 try http://www.new-warez.com



If you want to know where to buy 8cm CD-R’s I’ve got to disappoint you. They don’t exist.
The 8cm is not for minidiscs but for normal 8cm sized cd’s. They’re rare but do exist…

And yes, this is a dumb question!


Of course this is a dumb question!
But did you see his name, “Mickey”…
It figures…

Hitbits is taking you to a second sky!

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Well no, they existed, have 1 recordable 8cm cd here I bought about 1,5 years ago at a computer fair just “to have it” (I found it so cute :slight_smile: ). Since then, never found one again, so I think they don’t produce them anymore now.