Dumb question, but what is CopyToDVD supposed to do?



Sorry if I seem a little dense, but I’ve spent several days searching various user groups, including this one, as well as the internet and I still can’t figure out exactly what CopyToDVD is good for. I’ve read the CopyToDVD manual and looked at the options menu. All this software seems to do is give me a choice of burning DVD’s with other software I already have installed (Nero Recode or DVD Shrink). I was under the impression that CopyToDVD was a complete burning program in itself, but it appears to be only a shell for other burning programs. I’m sure I’m missing something here.

At this time, I’m almost ready to dump it and move on, but I’m about to burn my first (expensive) DL discs with my new ND-3500 to back up some of my movie collection and I’ve read that this software handles the DL layer break better that some others, so I’d like to try it.

Can someone take the time to clue me in on how this program is actually supposed to work? I’d sure appreciate any help I can get.


CopyToDVD is writing software, it will not rip/transcode your DVD’s.
A description of CopyToDVD can be found Here


I guess I’m getting the pure burning function mixed up with ripping/transcoding. Some of these programs have so many overlapping functions that it’s hard for me to tell what does what anymore.

So, can I assume that, after using Recode or DVD Shrink to transcode, CopyToDVD returns to it’s own interface to do the actual writing with it’s own burning engine and maybe even presents me with some options for burning?

If so, one other question. Should I set my transcoding software to remove the layer break? Will CopyToDVD then re-establish the layer break at the correct point on the DVD-9 DL disc?

I think we all know that the answers to many of our questions come from dedicated people that spend a lot of time and money to experiment with the software/hardware and are willing to share their knowledge with some of the rest of us who have neither the time or the money to make a lot of mistakes. For that, I am grateful. :bow: Thanks.


Yes CopyToDVD handle the layer break for you, and according several posts in the past, it does it well.