Dumb Question About Speed

If this question has been asked a billion times and I’m too blind to see it, then please kindly move my thread and insult me. (joking). Anyways, I have this problem where I own two moderately slow computers that burn DVDs at 4x just fine and a Humax DRT400 Tivo with a DVD burner that also wants 4x disks, but I’m getting the feeling that these are dinosaurs and are going extinct with 8x and 16x the standard. Ritek Ridata discontinued their 4x DVD-Rs and seem to only supply the DL and Minis and Arita brand at this speed. All disappointing to me, since I’ve burned about 1,000 good discs with this brand. TY 4x only scares me because my NEC 2500? wants to burn at 12x or something when using these and my 1.5ghz processor goes insane at that speed. I like slower burns because I think they’re better quality, at least with what I’ve got.

So my question is this: Can you trust the marketing hype of manufacturers when they say an 8x will burn at 1-8x. That is, on my Tivo which is made for slower discs, can it handle a faster one without changing something that I don’t know of? I know 1-Click DVD Copy doesn’t have a setting for dvd speed and that scares me. DVD Decrypter does have a setting and it saved me when using a box of 4x TYs that wanted to burn much faster. My wife is about to spend 10 bucks of her own money to attempt to burn a bunch of tv shows from Tivo and I’m wondering if it’ll be a waste of time. The burner is relatively new, so I’m not about to toss out another 300-400 bucks right now to get one with a faster burner. I’d like to find some decent replacement media. Also, if you have a comment on recent decent media, then that’d be great. Otherwise, I’ll try any Verbatim DataLife Plus or (swallow) TY 4x that I can get my hands on because I’d rather have good quality discs that not only burn well, but will last a while (cheap media scares me). I’ve been lucky not to have to buy any media in the last year, but i’m out and must research to see what’s still good and avoid those websites that advertise one thing (TY 4x here and ship you TY 8X there). Also, if anyone has heard of Microcenter (they are in several states and have a website), I have wasted an hour easily because their ad on a 24 pack of the Verbatim 4x DVD-r was wrongly advertised. It was actually 8x media. They messed up the description.
Thanks for you help and patience.

I’d start off with a firmware upgrade for your 2500. The 205D firmware has patches for many of the latest media. Get it here .

With good media & this firmware your 2500 should be able to burn good quality media , say Verbatim or TY , at it’s full speed of 8x. There should be nothing wrong with these 8x brands. It’ll even handle the 16x Verbs well (at 8x obviously).

Your 1.5ghz PC shouldn’t have any problems at this speed. My old 1.4ghz AMD didn’t. Just ensure that you have DMA enabled (UDMA mode 2) & your HDD is regularly defragged.

Thanks. I’ll try the firmware upgrade. I just hate change since I’ve had so few coasters so far. As for the stupid TIVO, I’ll let my wife buy her disks. Who needs to have 500 episodes of FoodTV shows or the Andy Griffiths Show, right?

Hehe, lol.

Don’t forget that the drive has to be empty before upgrading the firmware.
And make a dump/backup before upgrading, if possible.
binflash will help.