Dumb question about CloneDVD

Why does CloneDVD autoeject the original disc after it has processed it and then manually ask you to eject the written disc once writing is complete? Seems like it would be the same for both? Oh well As you can see I’m bored today…

if your bored, read up on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it?

It does if you only have 1 drive. Atleast on my end it does :wink: I thought it was because people with dogs didn’t like it opening after burning as thier dogs would chew the tray and they wanted to burn and go to sleep. Seems like i read that somewhere. Hence the no tray opening after burning or shut down after burning option…

Ah, yes! You’re right!

are there really people out there with only one optical drive?..LOL

I know more than a few people that only have one, and I also know more people than that who only have a CD-ROM. I could’nt imagine not even being able to burn a CD and especially not being able to burn a DVD. :eek:

My laptop kinda only has one. :slight_smile: Yes I can hook an external up to it and all that, but, generally speaking when I’m out and about I only have just the one. :slight_smile: