Dumb PVR question



I have the PVR-150. On this page (http://www.hauppauge.com/Pages/products/data_pvr150.html), it lists standard play as 8 mbits/sec. Only thing is, if I record two hours of video, it creates 6.2 GB. I guess I need 6 mbits/sec? How can they call it standard play, when I can’t fit 2 hours onto a DVD. Also, what do you guys do? Record at 12 mbits/sec, and compress onto DVD, or record at 6?


If you can’t get 2 hrs on a DVDR, then it’s not “SP”. You might want to consult the manual for more help on what the different settings actually are. Most recorders use a constant bit rate, and so can be compressed pretty well with DVDShrink.


I must be missing something here. 7200 secs in 2 hours times 8 mbits/sec is 57600 mbits / 10 bits / byte, 6 GB?


Who says this bitrate is delivered all the time and you record in CBR mode???


1 byte = 8 bits

1 GB = 1024 MB


Well, the numbers are not quite what the marketing says: http://lyberty.com/mediatech/pvr/pvr-150/manual/quality_settings.htm. Still, I don’t understand. If I record at CBR 6 mbps (supposedly DVD standard play), the quality looks acceptable but will not fit on a DVD. If I record at 5 mbps, it will fit on a disc, but the quality drops perceptibly.


When I record tv shows, I record at 6mbps VBR mpg2, cut out commercials and convert the audio to AC3. I can fit two 1hour shows on a regular dvd with no problems. Quality is pretty good.

Not using a PVR150 though. I have an ATI 650.