Dumb? noob cdr question

I have some software I’m no longer using, bought and paid for legally. I live in the US and I have a friend in Spain I was going to send some of them to but i was wondering if software cd’s have the same region issues as dvd’s do. Then I was wondering if there was a way to copy them to a region free cd like I can with dvd’s. Then I was wondering if I did this and sent both the original software with the licenses with the region free version (if this is possible to do) would this be against any international laws?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hey there,
As far as I know, CDs do not use region codes. Some games releasted in some countries use different protections. I have some games that were bought for me from singapore they work fine here (I’m in the UK). Also aslong as you send your friend the originals and you don’t keep any copies, it is all legal.


Na, you shouldn’t have any problem with CD’s compatibility worldwide.:slight_smile: