Dumb Nero Question

I am not a total idiot but it appears so now. Here’s my problem. I just installed Nero and I have been trying to make a backup of a software CD.

During the initial read phase it says “CD Copyrighted” then a box pops up that says “Medium is not empt. please insert an empty medium”

Well the CD is empty, its a fresh blank CD.

Any help. Until I learn Nero, it so far is a pain (and I’ve been reading the manual)

thanks in advance

What original CD are you trying to back up?
Might be useful to know for whomever tries to asnwer your question (there are many ways a company prevents illegal copying)

Usually CloneCD would do the trick though, depends on your drive as well

The CD I am trying to backup is a Hasboro Kid’s software that I paid $5 for. I still cannot comprehend why Nero of all products cannot do this. My EasyCD Creator did it all day long…and I know this is a better product atleast I hope so.

My writer is a new Verbatim (Lite-on) so I wouldnt think that is the problem. The software came with the drive

This problem simply boggles my mind.


Well in my opinion you should use

-CloneCD for 1:1 back-ups.
-Nero for audio/data compilations.

Then you have the best of both ‘worlds’. CloneCD can be downloaded from http://elby.ch. You can copy your game with the standard Game Profile (for both the read and write).

Good luck!