Dumb ? Make a Video CDR?

Since I have a DVD burner and a new DVD stand alone, if I’m making a small movie (less than 500 MB), does anyone know if it’s possible to make something similar to a DVD (SVD/VCD?) using the burner that will play in the STAND ALONE DVD player?

I’m wondering if this would be a good way to save DVD’s for smaller movies.


Nevermind, no sooner had I posted that I looked at Nero as well as ULead and there it was…VCD.


I can’t belive the technolgy these days, I bought a inexpensive dvd player that plays dvd’s, vcds (just found out), mp3, etc, etc, plus, get this…last night me and g/f watched a movie 2/3 the way thru, then I watched a new movie today, when we went to finish the other movie, it knew exacltly where we left off. Hmm, a $46 stand alone that rocks.

Also looking forward to AMD/NVIDIA/AMPEX DVD-HD Recorder and PC Disc game player.